K.R. Conway

K.R. Conway is a sarcastic bugger who likes to torment Cape Cod’s summertime tourists, taunting them about sneaky sharks and traffic-free backroads. She’s been a professional journalist since 1999 when several newspaper editors lost their minds and hired her as a feature writer. She is best known, however, for her Urban Fantasy series, Undertow, which reads like a mash-up of Jaws and The Goonies.

Awards, nominations, and features include Barnes and Noble’s Seven Terrifying Summer Reads for Teens (2015), Teen Ink Magazine’s Best Picks, Girl’s Life Magazine Cool Winter Reads, newspapers, magazines, and radio. Nominations include Indie Recon Live (Best New YA, Best Opening Line, Best Book Boyfriend), YALSA, Cybil, Goodreads, IRDA, and others.

The series has spawned fan fiction, fan art, jewelry, clothing, and even tattoos. Conway, who is a member of SCBWI, teaches fiction craft at writer conferences, high schools, and libraries. She lives on Cape Cod with her equally weird family and a strange assortment of critters. When not writing, Conway drives a forty-foot Loser Cruiser that smells like forgotten Pony sneakers from the 80s. She can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and her own blog.




UNDERTOW Girls Life MagazineUNDERTOW (Book 1) by K.R. Conway

Educator Guide: YES – can be found HERE

Age / Genre: Teens & YA, Romance, Supernatural

ISBN: 0989776352

Price: $14.95 USD, 6×9, 390pp paperback

Bowker & Taylor / Ingram: YES

Returnable: NO, Consignment: YES – 60/40

barnes and noble award stickerGoodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BookLife (Publisher’s Weekly)

Description: “A laugh-out-loud, hold-your-breath series. Perfect for fans of Stranger Things, Sookie Stackhouse, and the Princess Bride.”

**A high schooler’s life goes off the rails when she inherits a house with a murderous past along with an outrageous crew of supernatural rejects . . . and a killer boy who’s determined to keep her alive.**

Eila Walker knows luck is not a friend, so she’s downright shocked to inherit a million-dollar Cape Cod home. And yeah, her new town isn’t perfect: the cheerleaders are heinous clones, the local rip current can kill you, and apparently her Great Grams was fried by lightning in the harbor square. Still, Eila is hopeful her luckless days are in the past.

When Raef O’Reilly becomes her friendly shadow, Eila thinks life is pretty darn perfect. But just as her new hometown starts to feel normal, a beach bonfire party turns into a nightmare when she’s hauled beneath the waves by an undertow WITH ARMS. Raef, no longer able to hide the truth from Eila, must come clean: she’s possibly the last of her kind, a supernatural assassin who should be able to wield the power of human souls as a weapon, just like her murdered Great Grams.

Soon Eila finds herself under the protection of Raef and an outrageous crew of allies. Unfortunately, she’s now the hottest Must Have on the supernatural black market, and the teenage gang that is trying to guard her is woefully lacking . . .

STORMFRONT second coverSTORMFRONT (Book 2) by K.R. Conway

Educator Guide: Pending

Age / Genre: Teens & YA, Romance, Supernatural

ISBN: 0989776344

Price: $15.95, 6×9, 420pp

Bowker & Taylor / Ingram: YES

Returnable: NO, Consignment: YES – 60/40

Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & NobleBookLife (Publisher’s Weekly)

Description: Not long ago Eila Walker’s choices were limited: death by a bullet to the head, or at the hands of her beloved bodyguard, Raef. Now, five weeks after Raef triggered her power and she nearly leveled a historic mansion, Eila is dealing with the fall-out of her decisions. While she doesn’t remember dying in the arms of the soul thief who loves her, she knows that Raef remembers everything about the night he nearly killed her.

Now on the mend and attempting to keep one step ahead of the FBI, Eila and her team of misfits are desperate for a bit of normal. Eila is trying to navigate high school, while her BFF Ana is cautiously hanging with past-boyfriend and soul thief, Kian. Shape-shifter, MJ, is trying not to piss off his mother, while Raef is coping with his fears that Eila will never be safe.

But just as “normal” seems within their grasp, a powerfully built newcomer arrives. Raef knows the scarred man as a Blacklist Dealer – a soul thief, who peddles the names of humans who deserve to die. Eila, however, knows him as the protective hunter from the woods, who she nicknames Thor. Before long, Raef and Eila realize they’ve met the same killer, and he has one hell of a story to tell the five friends . . . if Raef doesn’t murder him first.


CRUEL SUMMER 5.5 x 8 cover onlyCRUEL SUMMER by K.R. Conway (March 16, 2015)

Educator Guide: Pending

Age / Genre: Teens & YA, Romance, Supernatural

ISBN: 9780989776363

Price: $12.95, 5.25 x 8, 360pp

Bowker & Taylor / Ingram: YES

Returnable: NO, Consignment: YES – 60/40

Goodreads, AmazonBarnes & NobleBookLife (Publisher’s Weekly)


Kian O’Reilly is flawless as a killer.

Well-practiced in the art of making murder look like an accident, he is selfish, wealthy, and totally arrogant as a soul-stealing immortal. But when he ends up stranded on Cape Cod with a stolen car and a dead drug dealer in the trunk, he thinks his luck couldn’t get any worse.

That is, until Ana Lane shows up.

Gifted as a mechanic and surfer, feisty Ana is not a fan of the entitled Frat Boys who show up every summer, messing with local girls. Believing Kian is one of those typical rich brats, she fixes his car and ruthlessly dismantles his cocky ego . . . which intrigues the dangerous soul thief.

Determined to spend more time with the prickly mechanic, Kian sets out to understand what makes Ana so fierce. Soon, however, he uncovers the painful truth behind the real Ana Lane, and the decision to save her, may destroy them both.



Educator Guide: NO

Age / Genre: Teens & YA, Romance, Supernatural

ISBN: 0989776387

Price: $15.95

Bowker & Taylor / Ingram: Yes – Pending

Returnable: NO, Consignment: YES – 60/40

Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble

Description: For Eila Walker, history has become its own demon.

After months of trying to keep ahead of those who are hunting her, Eila is more than ready to end her days of running. But her ancestor, Elizabeth, has left a twisted legacy in her wake that shadows Eila still, nearly 170 years later. When her grandfather reveals that he has kept a priceless piece of the past hidden in his vault on the island of Polaris, Eila and her friends are hopefully they may finally find the answers they so desperately need.

But just when Polaris is beginning to feel like a safe haven, a brutal attack leaves the group shattered. Eila, obsessed with avenging those they’ve lost, leads her fearless crew into a deadly game of cat and mouse with a powerful enemy who has been after her from the beginning. Determined to stand their ground and fight back, Eila and her friends find themselves drawn into the Mortis’ decadent, but forbidden world where they realize there is far more at stake than their own lives.

LAST LIGHT (Book 4) by K.R. Conway

Educator Guide: NO

Age / Genre: Teens & YA, Romance, Supernatural

ISBN: 9780997373714

Price: $16.95

Bowker & Taylor / Ingram: Yes – Pending

Returnable: NO, Consignment: YES – 60/40

Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble

Description: For Eila Walker, a New Bedford night club with questionable morals may be her only safe point in the brewing war between her crew and drug-dealer Lawson Waite.

After managing to wrangle a deal with club maven Maia Moriarty, Eila begins to believe that FAUST may actually work as a solid safe house until she and her friends can figure out how best to track down Waite.

But brutality comes quickly to Faust. In the aftermath, a shocking truth about Lawson Waite is whispered during a death-bed confession on the roof of the decadent club. The warning is simple: Lawson Waite is no mere man.

Now desperate to kill Waite and stop his time-altering Gabriel Gate, Eila and her crew push the limits of all their abilities in an attempt to finish what Elizabeth started so long ago.

Told through the eyes of three characters, MJ, the shifter, Eila, the Lunaterra, and Raef, the soul thief, Last Light is one wild ride into the heart of what
makes us human and what lies history has told.
(Book 1 of the 2-book Undertow Finale).


DAYBREAKER (Book 5) by K.R. Conway

Educator Guide: NO

Age / Genre: Teens & YA, Romance, Supernatural

ISBN: 97809973737-4-5

Price: $14.95 USD, 6×9, 380 pp

Bowker & Taylor / Ingram: Yes – Pending

Returnable: NO, Consignment: YES – 60/40

Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble

Description: In the epic conclusion to the Undertow series, 18-year-old Eila Walker is no longer the last surviving Lunaterra, and her Trial, Rillin, finally has the young woman he lost so long ago, back in his arms: Elizabeth.

But Elizabeth, despite being a brilliant fighter, is not exactly a thrill-a-minute. Her abrasive personality often rubs everyone the wrong way. But despite their mutual loathing, Eila must find common ground with Elizabeth, for Elizabeth is the only one who knows how to kill Therophel once and for all.

But the task of murdering the fallen angel won’t be easy – he’s overthrown the Wrecker empire of Mayhem and taken it for himself. Now fortified within the towering tree walls, and protected by hundreds of Linked Mortis, Therophel clearly has the upper hand.

But the fallen angel, while powerful, may’ve underestimated the resolve of a crew of supernatural teenagers from Cape Cod . . .

(Book 2 of the 2-book Undertow Finale).


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